Hey, I'm Cameron. What's up?

I'm Cameron Wisniewski, a Pittsburgh-based IT professional. I've been working in the IT field in one capacity or another since 2010 and have enjoyed nearly every minute of it. I'm lucky enough to have had a lot of experience with a lot of different technologies; my employers have let me touch a lot of stuff. Throughout all of it, I've developed a love for automating basically anything that I can. Scripting a repetitive task, developing an app to make something simpler to do, streamlining the use of an automation platform - I've done it all.

Terraform & Azure CIS 1.3 5.3.x Controls

18 Feb 2022

It’s been a bit since I’ve made a new post here, but recently at work I ran into an interesting situation that I thought was worth documenting. At work, we recentlyreceived a directive to ensure that all of our Azure resources were compliant with the Azure CIS 1.3 controls, and...

Getting my head in the cloud!

27 Apr 2020

Note: I’d originally intended this to be a pretty long piece about studying for the MCAAA, but it never came out the way I wanted it to. Sorry! I feel pretty lucky in my current position that I get to touch a lot of new technology as we experiment with...

Automating your resume

11 Feb 2020

In the past few weeks I’ve been faced once again with an issue that had always annoyed me a bit - updating a resume. My significant other has been on the hunt for new employment, and as we look to make sure it’s tailored to each posting, we are finding...

things I like to tinker with

Here are a few of my favorite things, stuff I like to work with both at home and at work.

  • Terraform

  • Azure

  • Powershell

  • Docker

  • VMWare vSphere

  • Citrix

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